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Mediaphorie is dedicated to providing dancers and instructors with the best music for ballet class. Our artists, pianists and composers bring their expertise to you from the dance community worldwide
including France, Japan, Russia and the United States.
They are passionate to share their love of music and dance through their compositions and interpretation.
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2nd Andros International Festival Direction

Chorypheos RD Association Presents

The French Tradition in Andros


The gala is bringing together remarkable dancers, the young rising talents of the Paris Opera Ballet: Allister Madin, Roxane Stojanov, Mickaël Lafon, Matthieu Botto, Camille de Bellefon, and ex Yale’s Ballet soloist Laura Fridman, as well as four outstanding musicians, Tsuey Ying Taï, Ellina Akimova, the Saxophonist Eric Tallet and the string player, Violin & Viola, Jean-Marc Kérisit. They will performed world premières, Caspian Suite, Médianoche...

AUGUST 21st, 2016


E.-M. Paris - C. Saint-Saëns - M. Ravel - A. Khatchaturian - E. Akimova


Madin - Poggioli - Fridman


Allister Madin
Roxanne Stojanov
Camille de Bellefon
Laura Fridman
Mickaël Lafon
Matthieu Botto


Tsuey Ying Taï, percussions
Ellina Akimova, Piano
Eric Tallet - saxophones, flutes
Jean-Marc Kérisit - violin, viola

2nd International Festival Andros